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Announcement 1 Required Mimecast Smart Host Migration by July 15th
Announcement:Required Mimecast Smart Host Migration by July 15th
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Click to view contentAn email notification is a message sent to a user, to alert them of action that was taken on a message they sent. For example, it has been: Bounced Held Modified (e.g. attachments were stripped).   We allow you to customize email notifications so that they can be: Sent from a specific email address. Sent with a specific subject. Applied in…
Click to view contentMimecaster Central has a range of excellent User Groups: Networking & Discussions By Interest for you to collaborate with your peers and learn more about Mimecast!   The User Groups are great ways to discuss specific topics and dig into the details of your conversation.  Learn about your peers' best practices or share your latest swag selfie.… (Show more)
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