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A Calendar Replication Definition is required to define the settings used for the Calendar Replication feature. Administrators can define which mailbox calendars to replicate. Once created, the definition must be applied to an Exchange Task. A single definition can be applied to multiple Exchange tasks.   Creating a Calendar Replication…
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Your Mimecast Administrator has created policies to ensure messages containing potential junk / spam content, or specific attachments aren't delivered directly to your Inbox. Instead they are held in a quarantine area, called the Hold Queue.    You can view and control these messages without having to contact your Administrator, by using the…
I have some email addresses that i do not recognize and they all say "created by message in transit".  Can somebody give me a better idea what exactly this means??
Before your end users can receive SMS continuity notifications, they must select to opt in to being contacted by the service. This is a simple process, required by regulation, that each user must undertake.   Opting In  To opt in, users should text the keyword ALERTS to the regional number listed below. They may receive a response message…
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