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Announcement 1 Mimecast Superhero Contest: Win 1 of 3 Luxury Knitted Pullovers
Announcement:Mimecast Superhero Contest: Win 1 of 3 Luxury Knitted Pullovers
Extra Points for helping me convince Management to expand our use! Sorry for the "homework" assignment, but I am putting together a case to purchase more features. So far, the Spam filtering is a huge hit over others we've tried, but what about large file transfer, archiving or...? What gives you the value, and if you were in my shoes and about… (Show more)
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Hi   We are regularly checking our Mimecast policy settings against those that Mimecast recommended on the knowledge base, but this activity for us is challenging given the number of policy settings and the new features that get rolled out.   Do Mimecast, or can Mimecast, provide functionality to check applied policy settings against those that… (Show more)
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Hello- I am experiencing an issue where when I open a Delegate Mailbox, and I'm on the default view (Mailboxes -> Inbox) I see MY internal emails mingled in with the Delegate's email messages.  In some cases, I don't see ANY of the Delegate's email - just mine.  I see the same behavior in the Personal Portal and Mimecast for Outlook.   I called… (Show more)
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Hi,   How can I create an email signature similar to the below?   I want the website,  "demo" and social icons to be clickable.  We are a small company (<10 employees) so adding a picture of the staff member is manageable.   I have tried code like the below but the images are not aligned correctly   <html><head></head><body><mc… (Show more)
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Hi, We have an application hosted at AWS that needs to send email using our domain. How can I create an anti spoofing bypass policy without allowing anyone/everyone who uses AWS SES the ability to spoof our domain? Thanks, Paul.
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Hi all - I just updated to MSO 6.2.1494.15300 and see that when I preform a folder search I STILL can't change the sort order?! Is this something that is planning on being fixed anytime soon? It's super annoying.
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We'r e migrating to Exchange 2013 and every time I move a mailbox it fails   Previously I was advised to delete the CAL-mailbox files from State/account/cal/1286 delete the synk-dat from sate\account\mms\1285 delete the user from the state\global\discovery   However this was when I moved from 2007 to 2013   I've had to move some mailboxes… (Show more)
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We recently added LFS for all our users. We've set a policy so it automatically cuts in if the message size exceeds 10MB. Users have been informed of this and it's not causing too much confusion.   However, we ran into an interesting one today. A user needed to forward a previously sent message to a couple of colleagues. The message included a… (Show more)
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Hello everyone,   We have had this happen to two of our users in the past week so we're concerned that it may start impacting other as well.   To reproduce the problem: Open Outlook - Mimecast tab - click On Hold Messages   see attached pic   and in the application logs we see:   19-04-2017 17:29:14,509 DEBUG [349] sessionId: ***...… (Show more)
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Is there an attribute similar to the one amazon uses - SAML/Attributes/SessionDuration   For cloud logins you can increase timeout to at least 12 hours, but when you login with SAML credentials I appear to be logged out after 15 minutes regardless of my account settings.
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Does anybody else routinely receive Mimecaster Central updates (mimecast@jiveon.com) which purport to show the latest Mimecaster Central updates, but which only seem to include links to conversations you've participated in, whether or not they have any actual new content?   For example on 4/22/2017 I got an update on a comment I'd made on… (Show more)
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In Mimecast for Outlook v7.2, we launched a new feature providing end users with the capability to check the delivery status of a message.   We'd love to hear your feedback on this feature! Is this useful, how is it being used, do you think it will reduce help-desk calls or make it easier to find the exact message when user do call?   Don't… (Show more)
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