Now Available: Archive Case Review App

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Achmad Chadran is Senior Product Marketing Manager, Archiving, at Mimecast. He's been in awe of the brilliance, patience, and tolerance of his coworkers since coming on board in April of 2016.


Archiving Superstars!


We’re pleased to inform you that we’ve just rolled out our new Case Review App feature. You can access it using the Application Switcher in the Administration Console.


Fast Review to Complement Fast E-Discovery


The Case Review App launches from a dedicated tab or browser window to let you group multiple saved search streams into a single case for query, comment, and culling.


This capability is designed to simplify the process of responding to queries and challenges, whether related to compliance, legal, or administrative matters. You can even extend access to this app to external parties, such as outside counsel or third-party e-discovery service providers.


Faster Responses to GDPR Requests


Our hope is that the Case Review App will streamline, simplify, and drive new effectiveness in your procedures for supporting the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) for email.


The imminent implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stands to increase the burden of administrative searches significantly for many of you, so we hope this feature helps you respond and take action with minimum time and effort.


Thanks...and happy searching!


The Case Review App is available to all Mimecast A1, M1A and M2A Archiving customers. If you’re on one of our older archiving bundles and want to add this capability, please contact your account manager or Mimecast reseller.


There’s an excellent Knowledge Base article with an accompanying video that you can access here.