Greater Usability and High Security Levels: Introducing Attachment Protect – Dynamic Configuration

Blog Post created by user.v1YcBgOpe0 Employee on Apr 5, 2017

Matthew Gardiner is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Mimecast and is currently focused on email security, phishing, malware, and cloud security.


One of the generally accepted truisms of security is that there is an inherent tradeoff between security and usability: The more secure something is, generally the less usable it is.


And frankly, this usually is true. However, in a newly released feature of Targeted Threat Protect – Attachment Protect, we believe we have improved usability without lowering security. 


Recently, Mimecast released Dynamic Configuration, a feature of Attachment Protect. When enabled by the Mimecast Administrator, Dynamic Configuration gives end users direct control of the attachment delivery mode (safe file with on-demand sandboxing versus preemptive sandboxing) for the individual senders of their choosing. 


What this means is that, for a list of user-selected and maintained senders, emails with attachments go straight to sandboxing, and thus are delivered in their original form, every time. All other senders stay in the mode of safe file with on-demand sandboxing.


The primary use case for user-driven Dynamic Configuration is pretty simple. Many know that for certain users, they typically need to edit the files they send. By putting them on their personal “trusted sender list,” they will not have to request the original file anymore, after having received the safe file version. The original file will come every time the first time, for that sender, after having been run through a full slate of security checks.


The feature is available to all customers of Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – Attachment Protect.


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