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In our “Do you agree” series we are are providing our response to our customers frequently asked questions. Today we are discussing security.


What we are hearing:  I’ve moved or I am moving to Office 365 and Microsoft says the security is solid.


What Mimecast Says:  Microsoft does offer a security service through Exchange Online Protection (EOP). However, most organizations have a multi-layered approach to security using multiple complimentary vendors to achieve required levels of security. This has always been considered as security best practice. Relying on just EOP in Office 365 means you are protected by a single vendor – giving attackers just ‘one lock to pick’. With Mimecast Security working with Office 365, you can maintain multi-layered defense-in-depth protection in the cloud – providing comprehensive AV/AS protection, plus defense against the growing threat from spear-phishing and targeted email borne attacks


What are your thoughts? Is the multi-layered approach really necessary? Does one solution offer enough protection? Please discuss.