Do you agree - Continuity

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In our “Do you agree” series we are are providing our response to our customers frequently asked questions. Today we are discussing continuity.


What we are hearing:  Microsoft offers a 99.9% service availability SLA for Office 365. Surely their systems must be robust which makes me feel adequately protected.


What Mimecast Says:  Is email considered a critical tool for your organization? How much tolerance do your users have for downtime? What might it cost your business when email is down? 99.9% availability equates to 43 mins per month and almost 9 hours of downtime per year. With on premises Exchange, you probably had a business continuity plan and high availability infrastructure to protect against critical system downtime. This basic requirement still exists when moving to the cloud – so taking your exiting business continuity plan to the cloud is critical.


What are your thoughts? Does the 100% SLA Mimecast provides offer you that extra peace of mind? Are you okay with having three 9's? Please discuss.