Administration Console 4.x - Refreshing Sections

Discussion created by user.m8lcBwVNwY Expert on Jul 12, 2016
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Now that the first phase of the Administration Console update which focused on navigation and providing a more contemporary look and feel is available, we’ll be refreshing various sections over the next 12-18 months. The sections we will be focusing on initially are:


  • Account | Account Settings
  • Account | Audit Logs
  • Account | Roles
  • Account | Hierarchy (Available if your subscription includes it)
  • Services | Gateway | Tracking ( This is a long term project)


We really want to involve you all in this process and we’ll be opening several discussion topics and polls here on Mimecaster Central. We would like to highlight, at this stage, this is about a complete UI refresh to improve the administration experience. Consequently, we will need to take a cautious approach to any feature additions (we will however try to squeeze in a few things here and there).


In your opinion:


  • What would you like to see when we refresh the above mentioned sections?
  • Are we missing any obvious functionality or features in these sections?


Your valued feedback will influence our decisions throughout this journey.