R&D from Sprout Technologies

Discussion created by user.XDJJBtax1JR Champion on Dec 8, 2016

Hi All,


So it's good that finally as the Christmas period approaches that we start the process of testing all this new stuff.


1.   Continuity Event Beta

2.   Mimecast Mobile Pro (Pretty much tested now, good app control feature and enforcement for managed devices. Works well with XenMobile

3.   MSE/MFE 4.0 Beta - Installed on our Network - Going to take that for a spin

4.   SAML Authentication Implementation using Third Party 2FA (smspasscode) & Citrix Netscaler. Works nicely!

5.   Cloud to Cloud Folder Sync - Really excited about this one as it will be great for our Office 365 Clients

6.   My Branding Attempts for MFO v7 & MPP

7.   Mailbox Recovery (Tools ?)


I will be spending a great deal of time going through these and writing our own internal best practices on all these nice new things in line with our market (Legal). 


I believe we have requested access to all of these things. If i have missed anything please do get in touch with me. We are keen to test each and every beta. 


If you are here (as I am) at the uk partner conference be sure to come have a chat!


Let me know if there is anything specific I can test for Mimecast and what feedback your really interested in.