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Mimecast Plugin: Account not found - Sporadic

Question asked by user.LL2bBnSoA8K on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by user.ZO87BVTx6ED

This is getting a bit frustrating, we're having some issues with most users opening outlook 2010 and receiving a message saying "Account not Found" "this account is not a valid mimecast account" from accounts that are absolutely valid. If the user closes outlook and re-opens it sometimes it will connect and sometimes it will not. It's sporadic, we always try to keep up to date on Mimecast plug-ins so this is on the most current Mimecast plugin and it happens for a bunch of different users. I've opened a ticket with Mimecast support and they suggested disabling the automatic continuity settings and that did not resolve the problem.


I'm posting on here because I want to see if anyone else in the community has seen this and maybe have fixed it. I'll be re-opening my ticket very soon because the support rep I was in contact with hasn't responded in a day or two.


Appreciate any help I can get