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I'm trying to decide if I should recommend the pre-emptive sandbox option over the safe file with on-demand sandbox option. If both options scan the attachment and only send it if it's considered safe, I would prefer the pre-emptive sandbox option. Most of my users need to work with the original form of the attachment, if the file is a .docx or

how to delete an email sent to a user mailbox on the mimecast admin portal without physically login to the mailbox?
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I have a partner in which we want to set up an enforced TLS connection between us where we do not need to go through the secure option of having them open our email through the secure webmail portal of Mimecast.  We just want all emails correspondences between us to be secure.  I have set up an enforced TLS connection for their domain
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Hello,   We are using a variety of clients...mostly 6.3 but some 7.2 with the latest revision.  I have noticed that over the last few months, when sending an LFS, the sent email is blank in Outlook.  There is no title more content.  The only way a user can see what they emails is to log into the Personal Portal.  I
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  The Mimecast Archive provides Administrators with access to the messages and files stored within the Mimecast architecture. From tracking and tracing email delivery, to managing eDiscovery and retention, this module provides Administrators with various tools to investigate email delivery and apply retention settings to emails and files.