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Announcement 1 Mimecast Superhero Contest: Win 1 of 3 Luxury Knitted Pullovers
Announcement:Mimecast Superhero Contest: Win 1 of 3 Luxury Knitted Pullovers

Mimecaster Discussions
Hello- I am experiencing an issue where when I open a Delegate Mailbox, and I'm on the default view (Mailboxes -> Inbox) I see MY internal emails mingled in with the Delegate's email messages.  In some cases, I don't see ANY of the Delegate's email - just mine.  I see the same behavior in the Personal Portal and Mimecast for

We recently added LFS for all our users. We've set a policy so it automatically cuts in if the message size exceeds 10MB. Users have been informed of this and it's not causing too much confusion.   However, we ran into an interesting one today. A user needed to forward a previously sent message to a couple of colleagues. The message included
Mimecaster Discussions
Man, I sure am getting some junk results from navigating around in Mimecast Central this week.  For example, if I follow the link for "What's new in Mimecast for Outlook v7" the result page comes up at the top of the frame in Chrome, at the bottom of the frame in IE 11, and neither of them with scroll bars.  I literally have to