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Impersonation protect logging is now available under Administration > Monitoring > Impersonation Protection. Here you will find logs of emails that have triggered on any of your Impersonation Protection policies. This will allow better troubleshooting and visibility of the threats detected as possible impersonation attacks.   

Last night I had to log into the Admin Console from my phone. The desktop version of the AdCon was what I got. It was challenging to get what I needed to do done. Lots of zooming in, challenges pasting addresses, etc. Any plans to do a mobile friendly site?   NOTE: I have a Samsung S6 and was using the Android version of Chrome.
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The Delivery Queue displays all messages (inbound and outbound) waiting to be delivered by Mimecast. Mimecast will by default attempt to deliver messages to the recipient for up to four days (96 hours) or 30 retry attempts, as described below. A delivery warning notification is sent to the internal sender after the warning period (by