How to manage attachments sent using Large File Send - Mimecast for Mac

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This guide explains how to use the Large File Send Manager in Mimecast for Mac to manage messages sent via Large File Send. You can peform the following tasks using this feature,

  • extend the access period of a Large File Send message,
  • expire access of a Large File Send message,
  • re-submit or cancel messages sent using Large File Send.


Applies to:

  • Mimecast for Mac v2.0 and later.


How to access the Large File Send Manager

  1. In the Mimecast for Mac application, click on the Large File Send icon in the toolbar and a select the Large Files Manager option to launch the feature.
  2. The Large File Send Manager displays a list of all the Large File Send messages that you have sent including the message's expiry date.
  3. You can extend or expire the messages from this view, and also view the number of times a message has been accessed.


How to track the progress of a Large File Send message

To track the progress of a Large File Send message click on the Show Progress button found on the Mimecast for Mac toolbar.


From here you can pause, cancel and resume uploads that are currently queued for uploading to Mimecast.