Manage Recipient Validation

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Recipient Validation is the process of checking the recipients(s) of an inbound email to one of your Internal Domains from an external sender. Mimecast offers 6 types of recipient validation, for full details on these please see this reference article.



What you will need

  • A Mimecast admin account with edit permissions to the Directories | Internal menu in the Administration Console.



  1. Logon to the Administration Console and navigate to the Directories | Internal menu.
  2. Right click the domain that you want to edit and click Edit Domain.
  3. In the Domain Options section select the Check Inbounds option you want to set from the drop down list.
  4. If you are using the SMTP Call Forward Route or Act as Backup MX methods for your recipient validation, choose the Delivery Route that Mimecast should use to validate that the recipient exists from the SMTP Call Forward Route drop down list. Otherwise leave this as the default setting.

    SMTP Call Forward requires Exchange Recipient Filtering to be enabled on your Exchange Server(s). Click here to learn how to configure this.

  5. Click Save and Exit to apply your changes.


Next Steps

Immediately after your changes have been saved, all inbound emails received to the domain edited will be subject to the recipient validation method defined here.

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