Stationery subscriber and unsubscriber groups

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There may be a case where you want to give your customers the means to subscribe or un-subscribe to you newsletter. This capability is provided by the Mimecast using the user groups feature.


For a subscribe button, a group is created which will hold the list of the email addresses of the people who wish to subscribe. When the email recipient clicks the subscribe image in the email stationery, their name will be automatically added to the subscriber group.


  1. Create a group which will hold the list of subscribers.
  2. Create an image component subscribe or unsubscribe.
  3. Create a click action for the subscribe action. In the action layout select which group the recipient’s email address is added to. The URL redirection may point to a microsite which confirms the subscription and perhaps links to the news letter archive.
  4. In the layout add the image for the subscription button and the associated action.

In the same way there could be an unsubscribe button in a newsletter to remove the subscriber from the list