Adding Google Analytics to Stationery Actions

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Your email signature banners and click throughs may be part of a wider marketing campaign. As such you may wish to determine how the email marketing is performing compared to your other media. If you are using Google Analytics for tracking in your campaign, Mimecast can include tracking information in the web links using UTM code (Urchin Tracking Codes). These can be added to the click link URL. In the following format example:


www.companywebsite ?utm_source=logoa&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=campaignid


URL Attribute
UTM_SOURCE - CAMPAIGN SOURCEYesIdentifies where exactly your ad appears. That can be a specific portal name, social network name or similar. In the email media this could be the name of the image you are using and so determine which images in emails is attracting more clicks.
UTM_MEDIUM - CAMPAIGN MEDIUMYesIdentifies the way your ad appears (e.g. In this email...).
UTM_CAMPAIGN CAMPAIGN NAMEYesThis should be the name of your campaign. A group of your ads through various mediums (banners, newsletters, articles) that cover the same topic like “AutumnCollection2014” or “EarlyBookingJune”.

You don’t have to be formal while tagging as long as you know where you will use them and where in Google Analytics you will find their data. You can play with terms and content the way you find it most useful, but take care of sources and mediums for better reporting.