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When email data in the organization’s infrastructure is lost, deleted or corrupt, it is possible to restore emails from Mimecast. The availability of email data is dependent on the Maximum Retention setting on your organization's Mimecast service. Several methods are available to retrieve data, and include options for an Administrator and for the end user. These options are detailed below.


Administrator Tools


Sync & RecoverSync & Recover allows you to synchronize your user's mailbox folder structure, calendar content, and contacts from Exchange On-Premises or Office 365 (Exchange Online) mailboxes with our archive. Once setup, synchronization starts automatically multiple times throughout the day. Sync & Recover is available from the administration console, for those accounts that have it enabled. See the  Sync & Recover Overview page for full details.
Forwarding selected emails from Archive Search results or Accepted Messages An Administrator with the correct permissions can forward the resultant email data returned in an Archive Search or Accepted Messages. This feature is generally employed when few items are to be restored.Appropriate permissions allocated to the Administrator Role.
Bulk Export of Archived messagesExports are used to retrieve a larger number of emails from Mimecast. Firstly an Archive Search must be completed and Saved. Secondly, the Saved Search must be Exported. Finally, the Export file is downloaded from Mimecast and saved locally.Protected permissions to access Archive Searches, Saved Searches and Exports.
Message ReplayRedeliver emails to user mailboxes using Exported emails from Mimecast, and using Microsoft Exchange to deliver messages to the mailboxes.Permissions to access Archive Searches, Saved Searches and Exports; and Exchange permissions.
It is important to ensure that your search filters are constrained to return inbound emails only.

User Tools


Mimecast provides a set of end user tools that empowers the end user to locate and recover emails from their personal email archive, without consulting their Administrator.


Mimecast Personal PortalUsers can search for emails using their web browser, and forward selected messages to themselves.Permissions to access Mimecast Personal Portal.
Mimecast for OutlookUsers can export emails from Archive Searches to Microsoft Outlook.User permissions and Administrator Policies, with installation and configuration of Mimecast for Outlook.
Mimecast Mobile

Users can search for emails using one of the mobile applications listed below, and then forward the messages to themselves.

  • Mimecast Mobile
  • Mimecast Mobile for BlackBerry
User permissions to use Mobile Services, with deployment and configuration of the applications.
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