Provide Granular Content Access Permissions

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This article describes the steps involved to segregate content view permissions based on Smart Tag membership. This would be helpful if the organization would like to grant access to email content of only some emails in the archive for a select number of Administrators.


For example, a global organization may wish to provide email content access to regional Administrators, but only for emails in their own specific region.


In order to configure these permissions, the following steps must be completed:


  • A Smart Tag must be created, with appropriate permissions to provide access to the contents of emails in the Smart Tag.  Email data is then added to the Smart Tag.
  • An Administrator Role is created and customized to provide access to the appropriate areas.


Creating the Smart Tag


  1. Create a new Smart Tag, or alternatively, identify an existing Smart Tag to be used. For more information on working with Smart Tags, view the full article
  2. Allocate permissions to the Smart Tag for the appropriate email addresses that should access the content of emails listed within it, e.g. an auditor or regional Administrator
  3. Add email data to the Smart Tag using an appropriate method as listed below:
    1. Smart Tag Assignment Policy
    2. Content Examination Policy
    3. eDiscovery Case


Creating the Role


Once the Smart Tag is in place, the Administrator Role should be configured.


This Role determines what an Administrator has access to when they log in to the Administration Console.  Depending on your requirements, you may need to create a new Role that requires customization, or you may need to edit an existing custom Role.


For example, a Smart Tag auditor would likely only need access to the Archive Search and Smart Tags menus of the Administration Console, whereas a regional Administrator may also need to access the Gateway and other menus.


For more information on creating and customizing Roles, view the full article.


Smart Tag Permissions.png


Accessing the Smart Tag data


When the Smart Tags and Roles have been configured, the user will access the contents from the Administration Console.


Archive Search results


  1. Log in to the Administration Console
  2. Perform an Archive Search, utilizing the Search within Smart Tag field to restrict the results to the appropriate Smart Tag
  3. Select an email from the list of results to view the contents of the email.


Smart Tag access


  1. Alternatively, navigate to the Archive | Smart Tags menu
  2. Select the appropriate Smart Tag
  3. Select an email from the list to view the contents.