Validate Maximum Retention

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If the Maximum Retention setting on your Mimecast service is changed the new value needs to be validated by a valid Administrator from your organization to ensure that Mimecast stores your organization's data correctly.


What You'll Need


  • A Mimecast Administrator account in either the Super Administrator, Full Administrator or Partner Administrator.




When the Maximum Retention is changed on your Mimecast service, Administrators in the Super, Full or Partner Administrator role will be prompted to validate this change the next time they login to the Administration Console.



If you login to the Administration Console as a user that is not a member of the Super, Full or Partner Administrator roles you will be provided with this prompt:



Alternatively to validate the change manually:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console as a Super, Full or Partner Administrator.
  2. Click on the Administration | Account | Account Settings menu item.

    Retention_Validation_Account_Settings (1).png
  3. Validate that the value of the Maximum Retention (Days) field is correct.
  4. Select the Confirm button.

If you login as an Administrator that is not a member of Super, Full or Partner Administrator roles the Confirm button will not be available. You will instead see a field displaying Yes or No depending on if the setting has been validated or not.

Next Steps


To validate that this setting is being applied you can view the Retention Information of an email sent or received after the setting was changed and ensure that the Current Purge Date of the message is the correct number of days after the sent or received date. See the View email retention information article for more information.