Queue Retention Periods

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Mimecast tables, queues, and viewers display information on email data for a specific length of time. A summary of these is displayed below:


Account Menu


Menu ItemSecond Level MenuRetention Period
Audit Logs-Eternal


Archive Menu


Menu ItemSecond Level MenuRetention Period
Archive Search-The value of the "Maximum Retention (Days)" option in your account settings.
Search Logs-Eternal
View Logs-


Gateway Menu


Menu ItemSecond Level MenuRetention Period
Managed Senders-Eternal
Managed SendersAuto Allow120 days after your last message sent to the recipient.
Managed Senders Trusted SendersEternal
Tracking-30 days


Message Center Menu


Menu ItemSecond Level MenuRetention Period
Accepted Messages-Between 2-6 hours.


Monitoring Menu


Menu ItemSecond Level MenuRetention Period
Attachments-Eternal (since January 2009).
AttachmentsView | Release LogEternal (since February 2012)
Attachment Protection-30 days
Bounced Messages-
Connections-7 days
Data Leak Prevention-
Message Delivery-Up to a maximum of 30 attempts (four days). After 6 attempts (one hour) a delivery warning notification is issued. After 30 attempts the message is bounced and a delivery failure notification is issued. See the Monitoring the Delivery Queue page for full details.
Held Messages-14 days (30 days for customers provisioned before October 2014).
If a message is bounced or rejected from the Held queue and is within the maximum retention, it is still present in the archive and available for eDiscovery searches, but won't be accessible to the original recipient.
Held MessagesRelease Logs92 days
Impersonation Protection-30 days
Rejected and Deferred Messages-7 days
Message DeliveryBulk QueueDelivery retry for six attempts (or one hour). After 30 attempts (four days) the delivery will fail or soft bounce.
Processing QueueBulk Processing Queue
Secure Messaging-30 days
URL Protection-


Reporting Menu


Menu ItemSecond Level MenuRetention Period
CSV DataRejectionsEternal (since October 2012).
Overview-365 days
PDF ReportsDownload PDF ReportsEternal (since June 2012).
Download Customer Service ReportsEternal (since July 2016).


Services Menu


Menu ItemSecond Level MenuRetention Period
Attachment ProtectionLogs | Attachment Protect Logs30 days
Logs | Attachment Links & BlocksEternal
Logs | Held Messages14 days (30 days for customers provisioned before October 2014).
Large File SendAudit & Manage90 days or less based on retention.
LFS ReportsEternal
Exchange ServicesExchange Task View All | Logs65 days
Synchronization Engine SitesLogs | Site Summary Logs
SMS DashboardSMS Messages per Day14 days
Last 10 Active Messages
URL ProtectionLogs30 days


Stationery Menu


Menu ItemSecond Level MenuRetention Period
Performance-92 days
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