Disable Cisco Pix Firewall

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Cisco firewalls have a program called SMTP Fix Up /Mail Guard.  This program is known to cause problems with delivery and we recommend turning it off.  Below is an article from Microsoft that covers the problems with SMTP Fix Up:



To disable it:

  1. Establish a Telnet session to log on to the Cisco PIX firewall.  Alternatively, use the console to log on to the Cisco PIX firewall
  2. Type enable, and then press ENTER
  3. When you are prompted for your password, type your password, and then press ENTER
  4. Type configure terminal, and then press ENTER
  5. Type no fixup protocol smtp 25, and then press ENTER
  6. Type write memory, and then press ENTER
  7. Restart or reload the Cisco PIX firewall.