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The Mimecast Archive provides Administrators with access to the messages and files stored within the Mimecast architecture. From tracking and tracing email delivery, to managing eDiscovery and retention, this module provides Administrators with various tools to investigate email delivery and apply retention settings to emails and files.


Administrators are given the tools to search for data, and view either the metadata and transmission information for each email; or with sufficient permissions, view the content of email data within the Archive. Email and file data can be grouped together in an eDiscovery Case, where further actions can be applied. Messages can also be exported or purged from the archive, and detailed logs are provided for all search and message view actions.


To use the archive:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Archive menu item. The following menu items are displayed:


Menu ItemHeader 2
Archive SearchAllows you to search for archived messages to review receipt and delivery information.
Discovery CasesAllows you to create a collection of archive searches assocaited with a single case, which can be assigned to a litigation hold, retention adjustment or smart folder.
ExportsAllows you to review the status, progress, and other details of all requestes to export archived messages using a saved archive search.
Litigation HoldsAllows you to place a discovery case on litigation hold. This prevents any retention adjustments or policies from being applied until the litigation hold expires.
Retention AdjustmentsAllows you to purge messages, and modify the retention period of archived messages, grouped together in an discovery case.
Saved SearchesAllows you to search the archive, and retain the search's parameters for future use.
Search LogsDisplays a list of all archive searches performed.
Smart TagsAllows you to create and manage smart tags, to allow specified users access to messages with those tags applied.
Storage SegmentsDisplays the a list of storage volumes used for archiving emails, along with current retention related event jobs.
View LogsDisplays a list of all messages (both content and metadata) that have been viewed by an administrator.