Troubleshooting Journaling

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Journaling is the process that allows Mimecast to retrieve internal emails from customers, to provide a full archive of both internal and external emails. Mimecast monitors the Journal connections to all of our customers to ensure that the Journaling process runs smoothly. This guide is designed to assist administrators in troubleshooting Journaling processes that may fail due to various factors.


Troubleshooting Considerations


Consider the following:

  • Failure to extract messages from a Journal mailbox can have a severe impact on the internal environment’s information store, and on the performance of the mail server, and should be investigated immediately. Prompt resolution of Journaling issues ensures that Mimecast can continue to successfully archive internal messages.
  • Ensure the Mimecast IP Ranges are permitted to communicate with your network in order for Journaling connections to be successful.
  • When attempting to resolve a journal issue, an Administrator should always initially confirm whether any changes have been made to the infrastructure or devices, or if there are any known issues that may prevent the successful extraction of Journal information between the remote infrastructure and Mimecast.
  • Journal messages older than 30 days will not be processed and archived. If you require older messages to be part of your archive, contact your customer success manager for ingestion.
  • If you require more information on extracting internal emails encrypted with SMIME, refer to the Configure Journaling with SMIME article.
  • For further guidance, refer to the Admin Guides and Troubleshooting pages of our Journaling section.


Viewing your Journal Connectors


To view the status and test your journal connectors:

  1. Log on to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button.
  3. Select the Services | Journaling menu item. A list of all journal connectors is displayed with the following information:
    DescriptionThe name of the Journal Connector.
    EnabledDisplays whether the service is enabled or disabled.
    Journal Email AddressThe email address of the journal mailbox.
    Hostname / IPThe Hostname or IP address of the mail server where the journal mailbox is hosted.
    TransportJournaling can either be configured to use POP3 or SMTP.
    TypeStandard Emails or Exchange Envelope Journaling (EEJ).
    Processing QueueDisplays the current number of emails in the processing queue.
    POP3 Mailbox QueueDisplays the number of emails in the POP journal mailbox at the time of the last log out.

    If using POP3 Journaling, Administrators can also test the journal process of emails by opening the journal connector and clicking on the Test Journal Extraction button.

    Service StatusShows the current status of the journal connector i.e. running, awaiting initial run or error.


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