Connect Application: Synchronizing Your Directory

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Applies To


  • New clients connecting with Mimecast using the Connect Application. If you are not using the Connect Application, click here.
  • Customers who are using Mimecast for email security.




Before your users can send and receive email or sign in to our applications, they need a user account. By synchronizing your directory, we automatically create each user's Mimecast account. Whilst this is not mandatory, it has a number of benefits, including:

  • Enabling features based on Active Directory groups to reduce administrative overhead.
  • Configuring policies based on Active Directory groups or user properties.

We recommend you synchronize your Active Directory with us, but it is not mandatory. If you choose not to, you can use the Add Additional Users task to import user data manually.


If you’ve created a Directory Connector using the Administration Console, an option is presented to use it rather than create a new one.

Synchronizing Your Directory


To synchronize your Active Directory with us:

  1. Click the Platform | Synchronize Your Directory menu item.
  2. Click the Start button in the section for the synchronization method you want to use. The available methods differ according to your Exchange type:
  3. Follow the instructions listed in the relevant articles listed below.


Office 365


Office 365 Directory SynchronizationIf you have an Office 365 Exchange, you have one option to synchronize your directory:


To synchronize with your Azure Active Directory, we must obtain the application's connection details. To do this you'll need access to the Office 365 Admin Center for the directory you'd like to synchronize.


On Premise


If you have an On Premise Exchange, you have two options for how to synchronize your directory:




If you have a Hybrid Exchange, you have two options for how to synchronize your directory: