Reseller Portal: Progressing a Quote

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Quote StatusAny quote can be progressed into an order. To do this you can:

  • Send the Customer Confirmation, and upon acceptance, manually place the order following the steps below.
  • Complete both steps at the same time (i.e. send approval to the customer, and automatically place the order).


To progress a quote:

  1. Open the prospect record.
  2. Scroll down to the Agreements section. All quotes created for the prospect are displayed.
  3. Click on the Start Order Process link below for the quote to be progressed. The Progress Quote dialog is displayed.
  4. Complete the Company Information section as follows:

    Field / OptionDescription
    Company NameThese fields are automatically completed with the details from the prospect record.
    SectorSelect a business sector from the drop down list.
  5. Amend the Customer Address section as required.
    The details of the customer's address is taken from the prospect record, but can be amended if found to be inaccurate. 
  6. Complete the Order Details section as follows:

    Field / OptionDescription
    Partner Purchase Order NumberEnter the purchase order number.
    Upload Purchase Order FileSpecify the image file of the purchase order. This must be a BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, or TIFF file
  7. Either click on the:
    • Progress Quote button. A confirmation dialog is displayed.
    • Save Details button to save the prospect, but not progress the order.
      This is useful if you do not have all the required information available to progress.
  8. Click on the Submit Order button to confirm the order. 


A Customer Confirmation is first sent for approval to the customer using DocuSign. On approval by the customer via DocuSign :

  • A confirmation of the order is emailed to you, including the signed Customer Confirmation document.
  • Mimecast verifies acceptance of the order.
  • The customer receiving an email from Mimecast with guidance on how to connect to Mimecast.
  • The purchase order being added to the Attachments section of the prospect.

    Order Attachments