Discovery Cases: Configuring a Review Stream

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This guides covers how to configure a review stream in a discovery case. 

A maximum of 20 active review streams is allowed, with "active" referring to the review stream status.

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  • Administrators configuring a review stream as part of a discovery case in the administration console.




This process requires a discovery case to have already been created. See the Discovery Cases page for full details.

To configure a review stream:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Archive | Discovery Cases menu item.
  4. Select the Folder in the hierarchy containing the discovery case. A list of discovery cases is displayed.

    Listing Discovery cases
  5. Select the required Discovery Case. The case's properties are displayed.
  6. Click on the Review Streams toolbar button.
  7. Click on either the:
    • Create Review Stream(s) menu item to create a review stream.
    • Manage Review Stream(s) menu item to change a review stream.
  8. Complete the Stream Properties as follows:

    Field / OptionDescription
    Stream TypeSelect the required stream type from the drop down list. All subsequent reviews created will be of the same type. You can't create multiple reviews of different types within the context of a case.
    • Consolidated: The results of all searches selected for review are available in one review stream with the results deduplicated. All reviewers work within the same review stream, and receive the same configuration options. Review stream settings are applied to the stream, therefore you cannot assign different tags or permissions to multiple reviewers.
    • Independent: The results of all searches selected for review are available in separate, independent review streams. Each review stream can be managed independently, therefore you can assign different tags, permissions, and reviewers to each stream.
    This field is only displayed when creating a review case.
    Include All SearchesIf selected, this option automatically includes all available searches attached to the discovery case. If not selected, the Manage Searches section controls the searched to be included.
    NotesUse this field to enter any notes about the review case (e.g. a review case description).
    Allow ForwardingIf selected, reviewers can forward messages to any recipient during a review.
    Allow PrintingIf selected, reviewers can print messages during a review.
    Manage SearchesThis option is only valid if the "include All Searches" option is not selected. Use this section to include the searches to be attached to the review case. These searches must have previously been linked to your discovery case. 
    1. Click on the Add Search button to display a list of searches.
    2. Click the Tick Boxes to the left of the searches you want to include.
    3. Click on the Add Selected Searches button.
    There's a 200,000 message limit in a review stream. If the number of search results exceeds this limit, the export to the review stream fails.
    TagsType a tag to be appended to all messages in the review stream, and click on the Add New Tag button.
    ReviewersSpecify the users able perform all review activities within the stream they are being assigned to:
    1. Click on the Add Reviewer button to display a list of users.
    2. Click the Tick Boxes to the left of the users you want to include.
    3. Click on the Add Selected Users button.
    Before you can select a reviewer, they must be assigned to an Administration role with the "Case Reviewer" permission. This is available by default in the "Super Admin", "Full Admin", "Discovery Officer", and "Reviewer" pre-configured roles.
  9. Click on the Save and Exit toolbar button.


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