Administration Console: Searching / Filtering Records

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This guide describes how to search and filter administration console dialogs that list records. These include log files for:

  • Targeted Threat Protection: Impersonation Protect
  • Auditing
Eventually all administration console record lists will have this functionality. Currently only the ones above have. More are being added as part of our administration console redesign project. Subscribe to our Service Updates to keep up to date with these (and other) changes.

By default, all records are displayed when a dialog is opened. The exception to this is the Administration Console: Auditing Logs Files dialog. Due to the potentially high number of authentication log files created, these are suppressed by default from the listing.


To help you find the record you require, you can:

  • Search for content in a record.
  • Specify a date range.
  • Specify a filter.


Searching for Content


Searching Impersonation Protection log filesTo search for content in a record:

  1. Click on the Drop Down Arrow in the Search field.
  2. Select a Column to search on.
  3. Enter your Search Text.
  4. Either:
    • Press the Enter key.
    • Click on the Search Icon icon.
When using an option other than "All" to search for an audit log, technical limitations with the method of storing audit files means the "All" option is still applied. This is expected for log file older than 30 days, but also occurs for log files younger than 30 days.

Specifying a Date Range

Impersonation Protection Date Filter


To specify a date range:

  1. Click on the Drop Down Arrow in the Date field.
  2. Select a Date Range.


The list of records is automatically filtered, except if the "Custom Range" option is selected. This requires you to complete the following steps to filter the log files:

  1. Specify a From / To Date.
  2. Specify a From / To Time.
  3. Click on the Select button.


Specifying a Filter

Filtering AdCon Records


To filter the records:

  1. Click on the Drop Down Arrow in the Filter field.
  2. Select one or more Filters.
  3. Click on the Apply button.
    You can select or deselect all filters by clicking on the "Select All" or "Deselect All" link at the top of the list. The link toggles between these two statuses, depending on which one is active.


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