Partner Portal: Managing PIMS Eshot Campaigns

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Accessing Eshot Campaigns


E Shot DashboardEshots are co-branded email campaigns that you can use to generate new customer leads. They are available in the Campaign Assets section of the PIMS home page.


You can access the eshots by one of the following methods:

  1. Click on any image on the dashboard to display a preview, and click the Create button to proceed with the campaign.
  2. Filter your search using the All Categories drop down menu button and make your selection.
  3. Click the View All Campaigns button to display a full list of available campaigns. Use the search tool to find a particular eshot.


Eshot Campaign Actions


You can also use the orange icons in the bottom right hand corner on each campaign tile to:

  • Create an eshot immediately (envelope icon).
  • View previously created eshots (double square icon).
  • Access reports (e.g. click rate) of sent eshots (graph icon).
The most recently used campaigns are displayed on the home page. To access more, click the View All Campaigns button.

Creating a Campaign Eshot

To create an eshot:

  1. Open a Campaign from the dashboard. A preview is displayed with the following:
    • Company logo in the header.
    • Contact information in the footer.
  2. Click on the Create button. This step is only required if you're previewing a campaign. 
  3. Complete the Eshot Details section:

    Field / OptionDescription
    NameGive your campaign a name. This is an internal reference only.
    DescriptionDescribe your campaign. This is an internal reference only.
  4. The Contact Name, Phone, and Email field are automatically completed with the information from the My PIMS section. You can edit this if needed.
  5. Click the Save button.

Download E ShotAccessing a Campaign Eshot's Assets


After creating a campaign, follow these steps to continue your campaign:

  1. Click on the Download button, or download icon in the top right corner of Eshot Details. The Campaign Assets page is displayed.
  2. From here you can :
    • Download a ZIP file of the eshot by clicking on the Download HTML button. You can then import the files to your email distribution system. 
    • Send a copy of the eshot to yourself by entering your email address, and clicking on the Email Eshot button. You can then review the email and forward it on to your customer leads.
      Email Eshot
    • Access links to co-branded pages on the Mimecast website in the Campaign Landing Pages section. A recipient is taken to a landing page when clicking one of the 'Call to Action' buttons inside the eshot.
    • Access images in the Media Banners & Stationery section to generate leads on your own company's website. Click the Download button and on the next screen use the image and link provided to upload the asset.

      Banners & Stationary

      Download Banners
    It's important to use the correct URL links provided in the Campaign Assets page to ensure all activity can be linked back to your campaign.

Viewing Campaign Statistics


To view basic statistics for a particular eshot campaign:

  • Click the small orange graph icon on the Home dashboard images, or on the list of all available campaigns.
  • On the screen that follows you can view statistics and edit the report dates.


Campaign Statistics


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