Content Examination Definitions: Using Mimecast Managed Reference Dictionaries

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With the introduction of healthcare orientated dictionaries and entities, you can easily search for one or more sensitive information type. Not only does this require fewer steps, it provides greater control. A default healthcare policy is provided with this functionality.


This guide explains how to:

  • Add the healthcare dictionary to a Content Examination definition.
  • Configure the default healthcare policy including:
    • Excluding entities from content matches.
    • Adding additional entities.



Configuring a Content Examination Definition with a Mimecast Managed Reference Dictionary


To configure a content examination definition with the healthcare policy:

  1. Log on to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration menu item. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Gateway | Policies menu item.
  4. Click on the Definitions button. A list of definition types is displayed.
  5. Click on the Content Definitions drop down menu item.
  6. Select a Folder in the hierarchy. Definitions cannot be placed in the "Root" folder.
  7. Either click on the:
    • New Definition button to create a definition.
    • Definition to be changed.
  8. In the Description field, provide a description of the definition. This is kept in the archive for messages that have this definition applied.
  9. Select the Definition Type as "Independent Content Definition".
  10. Specify an Activation Score. This is the overall score that any content matches must reach before the Content Examination policy is applied.
  11. Click on the Insert menu.
  12. Click on the Mimecast Managed Reference Dictionary menu item.
  13. Complete the Policy Definition section as follows:
    Field / OptionDescription
    AppendIf selected, the managed reference dictionary is placed at the bottom of the "Word / Phrase Match List". If unselected, it is placed at the top of the list.
    Link Content ReferenceIf you're on our latest email gateway, you can use a set of Managed Reference Dictionaries (MMRDs) maintained by us.
    1. Click on the Lookup button. All managed reference dictionaries are listed.
    2. Click on the Select link to the left of the managed reference dictionary. The options available are:
      Managed Reference DictionaryDescription
      Credit Card NumberA list of known credit card number formats.
      Profanity ListA list of swear words and other profanities.
      Healthcare Dictionary

      A list of US entities, including healthcare, PII, and financial entities. See the Content Examination Definitions: Using Entities page for full details.

    CommentAdd any notes that refer to the managed reference dictionary. These are only displayed in the "Word / Phrase Match List" field prefixed by a hash symbol (#). All comments are ignored when examining message for matches.
  14. Click on the Save and Exit button. The "Word / Phrase Match List" is populated with the default healthcare policy syntax.
  15. Complete the following sections as required:
    • Policy Definition
    • Scanning Options
    • Inbound and Outbound Settings
      Inbound and Outbound settings are only displayed if you have Internal Email Protect enabled on your account. This section must be configured to match the compliance regulations of your organization.
    • Journal Settings
Refer to the relevant definition sections in the Configuring Content Examination Definitions and Policies page for full details on configuring the settings listed above.

18. Click Save and Exit.


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