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Message tracking allows administrators to search across multiple queues (see below) using specific message information. The results provide information on a message's processing, as well as its current state (e.g. if it was subjected to greylisting, but subsequently accepted and archived). This is useful for troubleshooting message delivery, such as when a user inquires why a message didn't arrive or was delayed (either inbound or outbound).


Message Center

Message Tracking offers two methods of searching for messages:

  • Search by Data: This is the default method and is better suited for search requests where only certain message details are known.
  • Search by ID: This method is better suited for a more targeted search where specific message details are known.


The following viewers and queues are searched:

  • Connections attempts
  • Bounced messages
  • Rejected messages
  • Delivered messages
  • Held messages
  • Active messages 
  • Archived messages 
If you have an Ad Blocker enabled on your web browser, make an exception for the Administration Console URL or disable the Ad Blocker to always view search results.

Message Tracking Functionality


The message tracking functionality allows users to benefit from the following features:

  • The ‘From address’ field searches for header and envelope addresses.
  • Search result views are customizable, so you only see the required information.
  • The results can be refined and filtered, without resubmitting the search.
  • The message's history can be tracked using "Held Release Event Information".
  • The received and delivery message views can be compared side by side.
  • A message can be tracked using only the sender's IP address.
  • Permit or block options are available for inbound messages.

Accessing Message Tracking


To access Message Tracking:

  1. Log on to the Administration Console.
  2. Select the Administration menu item.
  3. Select the Message Center | Message Tracking menu item. The Message Center is displayed.
    • The Search by Data tab displayed by default.
    • Select the Search by ID tab if you want to perform a more targeted search.
  4. Provide as much information as you can in the following fields. The "Search by Data" and "Search by ID" columns denote the available fields in each tab.

    Field / OptionSearch by DataSearch by IDDescription
    FromYNEnter a sender's email address (e.g. user or or domain (e.g. domain or
    ToYNEnter a recipient's email address (e.g. user or or domain (e.g. domain or
    Date RangeYYSelect a search date range from the drop down list. If a custom date range is specified, you can't search back more than 30 days.
    SubjectYNEnter a message's subject.These fields aren't displayed by default. Click on the Show More link to display them.
    Sender IP AddressYNEnter a sender's IP address.
    Message IDNYEnter a message's ID.
  5. Archiving Search ReasonClick on the Search button. Your results display.
  6. If the "Enforce Archive Search Reason" setting is enabled in your Account Settings, a popup message is displayed, forcing you to enter a Search Reason.
  7. Click on the Submit and Search button to continue.


Viewing Message Details 


Click on a message to access detailed information in the Message Details popout panel. This allows you to:

  • Access metadata and SMTP transmission information.
  • Compare sender and recipient message views side by side.
  • Permit or block message delivery for the recipient.
  • Report messages as spam, malware, or phishing.
  • Release held messages upon investigation.


View the Message Center: Managing Message Details page for further details.


Managing Your Search Results 


Message tracking allows you to:

  • Customize the view of the search results page and apply filters, to display only the message details that are most relevant without having to search again. See the Message Center: Customizing Message Views page for further information.
  • Export your search results to a file. See the Message Center: Exporting Messages page for details.
  • Refine your search parameters without performing a new search.
    1. Make your adjustments in the fields displayed at the top of the results.
    2. Click on the Search button to display the refined results.

    Message Centre Filters


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