Mimecast Web Security: Protected Devices

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Mimecast Web Security provides protection for users regardless of where they are. When connected to your company network, users are protected by the locations you have specified. However, if a user is roaming and connecting away from your network (e.g. using a public wi-fi hotspot) their device can still be protected by installing the Mimecast Security Agent.


This guide describes how you can list user devices protected by the Mimecast Web Security functionality when located away from a location protected by your corporate network.


Listing Your Protected Devices


Protected DevicesTo list your protected devices:

  1. Log on to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration menu item.
  3. Click on the Web Security | Protected Devices menu item.

If you have no protected devices, click on the Install the Mimecast Security Agent link (see right). This takes you to Agent Settings where you can configure the security agent's settings, and download a Mac / PC installation file.


Customizing the Data Displayed


Customize Protected Devices FiltersAll data associated with protected devices is displayed in columns. You can add / remove columns to enable you to focus on just the data you require.


To add / remove columns to / from the protected devices displayed:

  1. Click on the Cog Icon icon.
  2. Select / deselect the columns you want displayed.
  3. Click on the Apply button.


Filtering the Protected Devices List


With your list of protected devices displayed, you can filter the list by a device's status, or search for specific device names, to focus on the details of specific user devices.


To filter the protected device list by its status:

  1. Click on the Filters field.
  2. Select one or more Status.
  3. Optionally click on the Select All or Deselect All link to select or deselect all the statuses. 
  4. Click on the Apply button.


To search for a device:

  1. Searching Protected DevicesClick on the Search Device Name field.
  2. Start typing part of a device's name.
  3. Press the Enter key.


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