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This page provides an overview of the varied reports created for Large File Send.


Large File Send allows you to securely send and receive files without the restriction of attachment size limits. This report records the number of attachments that are being processed by Mimecast per day.



The donut chart records the number of large file requests processed by Mimecast per day and they are grouped by message type, for instance:

  • Outbound with invitation
  • Inbound 
  • Invitation
  • Outbound


The bar chart shows the file attachments processed per day by Mimecast using Large File Send.

Large File Send Overview


Attachment Overview

At the top of this graph, the size (in GB) and amount of attachments are totaled. The bar chart shows the size and number of file attachments processed by Mimecast per day. The attachments include both inbound and outbound traffic.

Attachment Overview


Top Large File Send Users

This table shows the users who frequently use the Large File Send functionality. The most frequent user can be found at the top of this table.

Top Large File Send Users Overview


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