Monitoring Information

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The following pages can be used to monitor email flow:

  • Monitoring Message FlowThis page provides viewers and queues that Administrators can use to monitor email flow.
  • Queue Retention PeriodsMimecast tables, queues and viewers display information on email data for a specific length of time.
  • Monitoring the Delivery QueueThe Delivery Queue displays all emails (inbound and outbound) waiting to be delivered by Mimecast.
  • Message Center: Bounced MessagesThe Bounce Viewer provides Administrators with information on outbound and inbound messages that Mimecast was unable to deliver.
  • Message Center: Rejected and Deferred MessagesThe Rejection Viewer displays any messages that have been blocked by Mimecast in protocol.
  • Message Center: Monitoring Held Messages: The Held Queue shows emails that have been held by Mimecast based on policy configuration.
  • Managing Blocked / Stripped and Linked AttachmentsAny attachment that is blocked or stripped and linked from an email based on Mimecast Attachment Policies, is logged and available for release by an Administrator using Stripped Attachments.
  • The System Queue: The System Queue displays all system notification messages that are currently being processed by Mimecast.
  • Targeted Threat Protection - URL Protect LogsTargeted Threat Protection builds on Mimecast’s security services to protect organizations against the growing threat posed by advanced phishing and spear-phishing attacks in inbound email.
  • BackscatterBackscatterer is a less than reputable service displaying characteristics of a money making operation.
  • Monitoring ProcessingBefore Mimecast can deliver emails, certain checks are performed, and the applicable policies need to be applied.
  • Monitoring Data Leak Prevention: Monitor data leak prevention by accessing log files in the Administration Console, for understanding why content examination policies have been triggered.