Beta - Transparent User ID - CLOSED

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Thank you for being part of this beta. The general availability date for Transparent User ID will be on the 16th of April 2019.



Transparent User ID Beta is for selected customers using Mimecast Web Security. See New Features for Mimecast Security Agent for more information.

General Information


Transparent User ID functionality removes the need for users to log into, or interact with, the Mimecast Security Agent (MSA). It achieves this by automatically identifying the user’s primary domain email address.

This feature offers additional benefits:

  • The ability to apply user-level policies to domain users.
  • Greater visibility of user credentials (email address and name if it’s a local user), as displayed in Activity, Security, and Protected device reports.

The Transparent User ID functionality does not authenticate or validate the user's credentials. Instead, it identifies the user by acquiring the authentication information provided when they first log on to the operating system.


Mimecast Security Agent Release Notes



New feature:

  • Agent Settings: Transparent User ID functionality removes the need for users to log into or interact with the security agent.


  • Protected Devices: Windows devices now generate a unique ID via Windows Publisher, ensuring that duplicate entries aren't created. (Windows only)

Once all your Windows protected devices are updated with the latest ‘Device ID’, we'll offer a one-off purge service of your previous protected devices list. See New Features for Mimecast Security Agent for more information.



  • 2-Factor Authentication: Users can now log into the MSA using their 2FA credentials. (Windows Only)


Download and Setup


Click on this download link and enter the access you that you have been provided.


If you are upgrading from an older version of MSA, you can simply install this new version over the existing one.


If this is a new install then please download the MSA zip file from your Administration Console. This contains your customer key and the MSI (Windows) or PKG (MacOS). Just replace the MSI or PKG with the beta version.


Knowledge Base 


 Beta - Mimecast Security Agent: Transparent User ID 


Known Issues


The Discovery Method is located behind the 'cog' on the Activity ReportFixed 5/April/2019
Some of the labels in the 'cog' overlap each other.Fixed 5/April/2019
The Discovery Method filter 'Anonymous' will be renamed to 'No User Details'.Fixed 5/April/2019
The columns in the Protected Device menu requires reordering.Fixed 5/April/2019


These known issues will be fixed on the next release of the Administration Console, scheduled for the first week of April 2019.