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It seems to be in the news as of recently that Google is now no longer trusting Symantec Certificates.  It also appears that Mimecast is utilizing a Symantec Certificate for the Large File Send site which is causing issues with accessing the files this feature gives access to.  Are there any plans in the works for avoiding or

Our company recently acquired a new organization.  We are currently migrating them over to our mail system .  In their current set up they have several distribution groups which contain external contacts that are also in their system.  These distribution groups are used by both internal and external senders.  When testing,
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When two email servers, or Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs), send and receive emails between each other, they communicate using a series of numeric codes.  These SMTP codes always take place in pairs, which means that both of the servers will transmit SMTP codes, until either the conversation is successful, or fails.   When troubleshooting